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injoy yoga is an inviting place to gather and learn more about the benefits of yoga.
Come and injoy your yoga and meditation practice... the joy is in the journey!

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"Yoga is a way of moving into stillness
in order to experience the truth of who you are"

- Erich Schiffman

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Vinyasa Flow ~ All Levels from beginner to experienced

This challenging and dynamic yoga sadhana practice is based on the coordination of pranayama and movement...prana shakti. Uniting body, mind, emotions and spirit. Appeals to students with previous yoga experience. More advanced flowing poses are offered with deeper emphasis on breath awareness and meditation. Sequences are designed to be both mentally and physically challenging. Modifications are offered for all levels. Come injoy the pleasure of movement with a delicious blend of awareness and curiosity. Some Yin poses are entwined for a healing and restorative practice. Depart with a calmer, centered state of mind.

Hatha Flow Yoga

Brings together a variety of yoga traditions which emphasize attention to asana ( poses), pranayama focus (breathing), mindfulness and meditation. Poses strengthen and tone the body while breathing and relaxation practices (savasana) encourage peace-of-mind and inner balance. Establish a greater sense of comfort and confidence in your practice. All levels from adventurous beginner to experienced. Change your gaze, change your mood and change your life.

Yin Yoga

A gentle stretch of asanas that energizes and calms the busy mind and is suitable for all levels and all ages. It builds bone mass while it helps realign the body. A delightful and comforting practice using props within poses that are held for longer periods of time.The Yin aspect of Yoga uses long-held relaxed floor postures to stretch and stimulate the "Yin"or connective tissues of the body. Yin postures are done with the muscles relaxed and are held for longer times ... a practice of letting go of both the mental and the physical tensions that we store inside.